Managing client expectations regarding costs can be difficult especially at concept stage.

You know you want to get from point A to B, but the path to get there can not be dictated meaning that sometimes ideas can take time to manifest.

Simple artwork changes and adaptations of existing work however,  are much easier to cost and are predictable in their outcome so costs are easier to tie down. 


I can work with you on a project fee basis -  whereby we agree a budget upfront to include everything required to get your project from concept to completion.

Once we agree & sign off the brief, I will provide a cost estimate

for your approval prior to undertaking any work.

This approach suits clients who have a specific budget in mind and

a response can be tailored accordingly.

Your budget spend will be updated regularly and on the rare occasion that it looks likely your project may overrun due to changes to the brief or other material changes made -you will be informed and new costs can be agreed moving forward.


The more common way of working is using a rate card. A rate card outlines hourly rates for each of the elements undertaken on your project and is charged accordingly.

Costs can be billed at intervals that suit your needs - usually weekly.


Whichever way you wish to work I will always give you a cost estimate upfront and I keep timesheet for all the work undertaken which you can view at any time throughout the project.